Increase Sales Tip - Form an Alliance with a Woman Business Owner

Women Business Owners are an ever growing and dynamic force. Did you know that profit under women owned firms grew at a faster rate than all other firms?

Maybe you were not aware that women controlled or owned 40% of all privately held U.S. firms and these women owned businesses grew at twice the rate of other business during the last 10 years?

So if you want to increase sales, then forming an alliance with a woman business owner makes a lot of sense. However, the alliance needs to be strategic.

Strategy has a Latin origin and means to out think the enemy. So, you should begin with your strategic plan and look specifically to your vision, values and current mission.

Then, review your marketing plan and sales plan. Look to your demographics, geographic and psycho graphics. Think about complementary businesses as well as those that you might even consider competitors.

If this is the right strategy for you, then how do you find the right woman owned business? Many states have women business owned certifications. By visiting the state website, you may be able to locate woman owned businesses. Certification suggests that the company is for real and has been evaluated on some level.

If that strategy is not viable, then look through local chambers of commerce directors and identify the owner. In many cases, you can quickly determine ownership of the business. Make an outreach to these women business owners again based on your strategic plan.

At networking events, move out of our comfort zone and talk to women to learn if they are business owners. Show an authentic interest in what they are doing. If there is a connection, suggest meeting over a cup of coffee to learn more about each other's businesses and how the two of you can help each other.

Additionally, linking with permission of course to a woman business owner's website is another strategy. This linking works well especially if it is reciprocal.

What ever strategy or strategies you select, forming a strategic alliance with a woman in business may just help you increase sales. And how knows, you may actually begin to see increases in some other business indicators such as profits and longevity.
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