The Instincts of a Woman Business Owner - Four Tips to Tap Into YourSecret "Intuition" Weapon

For a woman business owner, much of running a business can be based on intuition. Without using some of these innate skills, a woman business owner can find her job much more challenging. Many of these essential abilities, the so-called women's intuition, can be an advantage for female leaders.

There's a difference between a woman business owner using her intuition and taking unnecessary risks. When evaluating a business, it is important not to think of risk taking or intuition as a single event. After all, taking chances is a process that should never end for a woman business owner who's interested in growth and success. A good way of thinking about this strategy is to compare yourself to an athlete. What is necessary in order for you to compete and reduce the risk of failing by using your intuition?

First, practice putting your intuition to good use. A woman business owner needs to practice in order to hone her skills. Doing so repeatedly will not only enable learning but build confidence, as improvements come with each attempt. The 26.2 mile running marathon as well as the business "success" marathon both require taking risks, pushing yourself and practicing until you have the stamina and confidence to finish "the race."

Secondly, intuition in a vacuum will not work. A woman business owner needs to get input from others. However, this can be difficult for she is often spending most of her time working on where she wants the business to go and not enough time bringing people along with her. Remembering to ensure that everyone is with you in the present will help avoid some of the possible problems in the future. Get the right input in order to make the right decisions about your intuitions.

Thirdly, you need to view your intuition in the proper perspective. When you have a moment, step back and look at the whole picture. Ask yourself as a woman business owner, what you want your business to look like. What is going to help you get there? What's keeping you from getting to the next level? What does your intuition tell you? Does it seem right? Feel right in your gut? Once you have figured out, go after it.

Fourthly while having a rough idea about plans for the future, looking for new ideas needs to be a constant, never-ending process and a vital part of your business. Business is not static. A woman business owner needs to continually look ahead. What does your intuition tell you about the next 2-3 years? What new ideas or offerings should you be considering. Using your intuition to balance new ideas in the context of your business strategy will lead to the most positive results.

Many women naturally have some of these instincts that put to use can help their businesses. However, they can be cultivated just like any other skills. You have used your intuition to get to where you are so you have proof that it works for you. Now you just need to practice using it, get feedback on how it might impact your business, put it in the proper perspective and leverage it to continually bring in and evaluate new ideas.
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